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  • n. An advocate of the policy of deliberate inflation achieved by increasing the supply of available currency and credit.

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  • n. A proponent of inflationism.

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  • n. One who favors an increased or very large issue of paper money.

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  • n. One who inflates; one who causes or favors inflation; specifically, in the United States, one who favors increased issues of paper money: opposed to contractionist.


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inflation +‎ -ist


  • There is no economic order in inflationist policies and in underemployment.

    Léon Jouhaux - Nobel Lecture

  • They are out in force complaining that anyone who mentions this is an "inflationist" or an old fashioned "banker".

    John Redwood

  • The Tea Party, which sprang up in reaction to last year's stimulus bill and the inflationist measures used to address the financial crisis, is the personification of the frustration in grassroots America over the recent Keynesian failures.

    Sen. Kyl Gets Taxes Right, But What About The Dollar?

  • Many in both the inflationist and deflationist camps say that prices are not worth analyzing because they are the result of, not the cause of, either "-flation."

    Chris Martenson, Ph.D.: Don't Be Fooled: Inflation Has the Upper Hand

  • Last week we got to watch as the markets went wild with the realization they were over leveraged on bad debt, until Bernanke rode in with a huge bailout, answering a question (and settling some bets) on whether he was an inflation fighter, or an inflationist (he's an inflationist, and he has now proved it.)

    Ian Welsh: Reaping What You Sow: Hedge Fund and Housing Bubble Edition

  • Despite his (inflationist) academic leanings and some regrettable ("Helicopter Ben") speeches as Fed governor, I do believe Dr Bernanke aspired to adapt Fed policymaking.

    Archive 2008-01-27

  • Mr. Mishkin may be seen as a monetary wizard at the Fed, but to investors around the world he is beginning to look more like a high-class inflationist.

    The Bernanke Reflation

  • The inflationist policy of the Greenspan and Bernanke Feds can only lead to higher prices domestically as and when confidence abroad in U.S. economic and monetary policy wanes, causing a flight from the dollar.

    What, Me Worry? Inflation Is Back

  • Here are the questions I would like you or any other inflationist to address:

    Questions for Inflationists

  • For those lacking in time to read all of those articles, let me sum up the basic scenario that I envision that no inflationist has yet to respond to in any meaningful way:

    The great "Flation" debate - What's coming and how to profit from It.


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