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  • n. That which inflects or bends; specifically, a muscle that flexes or bends the joints of the limbs. The more commonly used word is fiexor.
  • Inflecting or bending: as, the inflector muscles.


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  • You can specify getters and setters for every field, you can write your own renderers, you can write your own routers, your own inflector (or turn the inflector off) etc. what's new online!

  • We have implemented a simple, yet powerful inflector tool that would do all the singularizing for you.

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  • This inflector comes with some predefined rules that specify the way names should be formed as well as some irregular and uncountable words.

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  • Being armed with so many functions allows the inflector to be really adequate in almost all cases.

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  • In case of some more specific scenarios where the inflector is not able to provide the correct word we have introduced an XML file where you can define exceptions for the already predefined rules.

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  • 3.1 Creating the User model 49 than SELECT screen_name FROM user WHERE id = 1 Rails has a powerful inflector that properly pluralizes virtually all the table names you are likely to need.

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