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  • n. An internet site that deals in information pertaining both to businesses offering goods and services as well as potential customers.


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Portmanteau of information and intermediary. Coined in 1997 by John Hagel in a Harvard Business Review article "The Coming Battle for Customer Information".


  • The word "infomediary" first attracted widespread attention when it appeared in the January-February, 1997, issue of the Harvard Business Review, in an article titled "The Coming Battle for Customer Information," by John Hagel III and Jeffrey F. Rayport.

    The Reinvention of Privacy

  • Building a network among different electronic health records would be expensive, the article notes, so the "infomediary" who did this would need to clear authority to bundle and exercise the economic rights of multiple parties.

    EurekAlert! - Breaking News

  • So, in the end, consumers must relinquish control over the transaction to a traditional salesperson., which are selling the clicks, and "infomediary" Web sites that attract consumers turning to them for objective product information, like Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds and others.

    E-Commerce Times

  • RKTI, the real-time business news search engine and infomediary, has signed an agreement with Thomson Gale to provide Rocketinfo's customers with access to over 1,000 full-text periodicals, journals, and magazines licensed by Thomson Gale.

    Internet News: Journals Archives

  • I called up Fred Davis, the founder and CEO of Lumeria, which has its headquarters in Berkeley, California, to find out more about the infomediary business.

    The Reinvention of Privacy

  • And infomediary work is where that struggle is going.

    The Reinvention of Privacy

  • While establishing CLCs special attention was paid to the role of the infomediary and the processes by which ICT-based interventions could be effective in sustainable livelihoods generation. - Articles related to Rajasthan bid to promote animal husbandry

  • Last month, I noted that in the decade since that initial attention, all those infomediary companies have

    The Real Tragedy of RapLeaf for Web Surfers - Kashmir Hill - The Not-So Private Parts - Forbes

  • While a perfect infomediary grid beckons – the venerated digital nervous system predicted of yore – we’re left to deal with our real, complicated and imperfect experiences.

    March « 2009 « Innovation Cloud

  • Newspapers can be successful in a shift from today’s infomediary platform to tomorrows intermediary services with proper and creative planning.

    Getting past newspapers’ past « BuzzMachine


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