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  • adj. Innate, inborn.
  • v. To generate or produce within; to beget or engender; to cause.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Generated within; inborn; innate.
  • transitive v. To generate or produce within; to beget; to engender; to occasion; to cause.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To generate or produce within.
  • Generated within; inborn; innate.
  • Not generated; unbegotten; not brought into existence or not receiving being by generation.


From Latin ingenerātus. (Wiktionary)


  • Gozer-esque Sumerian godhood's bestowed on showrunners who ingenerate staffmonkeys to move on tout suite to their own shows.

    LEVERAGE Week 3

  • The bare letter of the New Testament will no more ingenerate faith and obedience in the souls of men, no more constitute a church-state among them who enjoy it, than the letter of the Old Testament doth so at this day among the Jews, 2 Cor. iii.


  • "God," as to manifest his sovereign authority in all his works and administrations, so to ingenerate a due reverence in their hearts towards him with whom they had to do in this matter.


  • (Thirdly,) It is done in the Papacy, and among some others, by images, in crucifixes and dolorous pictures, whereunto they pay great devotion, with an appearance of ardent affections; but none of these is such a due representation of this object as to ingenerate sincere love towards


  • This apprehension will ordinarily ingenerate disquieting and perplexing affections in the minds of men; nor can it be otherwise where it is fixed and prevalent; as, -- 1st.


  • Many have I known complain that they could not arrive at a comfortable persuasion of their own election; never any who [complained,] when they had received it in a due way and manner, that it proved a snare unto them, that it tended to ingenerate looseness of life, unholiness, or a contempt of


  • To ingenerate in us that reverence and godly fear which is required of all that draw nigh to this infinitely holy God, Lev. x.


  • All that really is offered in the behalf of apostasy, as to its serviceableness in this kind, is, that it is suited to ingenerate in believers a fear of hell, which will put them upon all ways of mortifying the flesh and the fruits of it, which otherwise would bring them thereinto.

    The Doctrine of the Saints��� Perseverance Explained and Confirmed

  • But how it will thence follow that it is the intendment of God by his threatenings to ingenerate such a fear of hell in them as is inconsistent with an assurance of his faithfulness in his promises not to leave them, but to preserve them to his heavenly kingdom, I profess I know not.

    The Doctrine of the Saints��� Perseverance Explained and Confirmed

  • Secondly, It is denied that the fall of the most glorious hypocrites is indeed an efficacious engine in the hands of the adversary to ingenerate any other fears and jealousies, or to expose them to any other shakings, than what are common to them in other temptations of daily incursion, from which

    The Doctrine of the Saints��� Perseverance Explained and Confirmed


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