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  • | Reply | Permalink nephew died iniraq from ied he was getting out after forcefu; lly being deployed to iraq for a second time, my nest friends died in vietnam who were drafted by lbj and congress as me, dont know what me being a draftee and doing my duty and taking my oath to uphokd and defend this country means as adraftee i did my duty and have lived with the fcat that the vietcong didnt ask you if you were adfratee or regular army we all bled died and cried and got wounded blow to hell to come back to this country tolive with the likes of mitch mcconnell i fromtexas mitch you chickenhawks are adisgrace to this country i call home we suffered a lot cuase of being drafteed to fight the vietnam war maybe if you had served invietnam when this nationneeded the cheneys bushes and mcconnells in vietnam they chose to dodge the draft and get educated wedidnt have rich families and dads ingovernment to hide behind and avoid combat we went may be if you had goner as adraftee you would know that being asoldier doesnt require to be professional or drafted we were all told to learn everything we teach ya your going to vietnam i, m a mexican american and my family lost soldiers in vietnam and iraq you best be apoligizing dude cause you as arepublican have done us veterans of war an injustice maybe you should resign you are the one always shooting down the redeployment resolutions down trying to keep troops in iraq may be you should resign and stop obstructing our kids coming home from iraq, i hope kentucky is embarresed enough to boot your rear out in ovember america has no need for war profiteers and war monger thank you

    GOP Senate Leader McConnell Appears To Belittle Deaths Of American Troops


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