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  • n. A cup or reservoir for ink in use, fitted into the top of a desk, an inkstand, or other convenient receptacle; the containing part of an inkstand, as distinguished from the frame.


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  • I inhale chalk smell and idle tug the dove-print pill from the desk's ink-well.

    ll Book That Therapy Appointment Soon

  • Jane, that ink-well image hits home — you amaze me by coming up with such vivid & compelling stuff

    Firedoglake » Protein Wisdom or Dutch Courage?

  • It had ink-well hollows, I thought that was so cool.

    25th November '05

  • He drew up his letters; he sketched his ink-well; he got up the courage to talk with the office manager ....

    Our Mr. Wrenn

  • He also learned something of the various kinds of cardboard and ink-well glass, though these, of course, were merely matters of knowledge, not of brilliant business tactics, and far less important than what Tom Poppins and Rabin called “handing out a snappy line of talk.”

    Our Mr. Wrenn

  • In the corner which had been his home for eight years Mr. Wrenn could not devise any new and yet more improved arrangement of the wire baskets and clips and desk reminders, so he cleaned a pen, blew some gray eraser-dust from under his iron ink-well standard, and decided that his desk was in order; reflecting:

    Our Mr. Wrenn

  • The ink-well was to be followed by a series of letters, sent on the slightest provocation, on order or re-order, tactfully hoping the various healths of the Southland were good and the baseball season important; all to insure a welcome to the salesmen on the Southem route.

    Our Mr. Wrenn

  • The manager moved a wire basket of carbon copies of letters from the left side of his desk to the right, staring at them thoughtfully; rearranged his pencils in a pile before his ink-well; glanced at the point of an indelible pencil with a manner of startled examination; tapped his desk-blotter with his knuckles; then raised his eyes.

    Our Mr. Wrenn

  • Seven Novelties glittered on the desk alone, including a large rococo Shakespeare-style glass ink-well containing cloves and a small iron Pittsburg-style one containing ink.

    Our Mr. Wrenn

  • In the office he chuckled at his ink-well and the untorn blotters on his orderly desk.

    Our Mr. Wrenn


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