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  • n. A spot of ink.


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ink +‎ spot


  • Around the city, the U.S. is trying to expand a zone of control so that an "inkspot" of safety extends south from the Kandahar region down to central Helmand, where U.S. forces have been conducting operations for more than a year.

    Gates Sees 2-3 Years of Combat in Afghanistan

  • He threw the "inkspot" out high in the air, and as it came down, somehow it managed to come within reach of Jane's outstretched palm.

    Jane Allen, Junior

  • It is a utilitarian start to the inkspot method of counterinsurgency. linus Says:

    Matthew Yglesias » Where The Troops Are Going

  • When a Politician R, US strays from any of those denominators, it stands out like an inkspot in a bowl of milk.

    Harry Reid Among The Race Hypocrites - Dan_McLaughlin’s blog - RedState

  • Just as a note, on the blog linked at inkspot (on the O&B post), our old “friend” Danny boy uses almost identical language to Steve Bloom, deriding amateurs, claiming that this blog indulges in character assassination etc (which is a real hoot, imagine Mr Character Assassination himself moaning about it).

    National Academies Panel on Temperature Reconstruction « Climate Audit

  • So attuned is the human mind to look for and find answers that sometimes it extracts meaning where none exists: the face of an old man, a witch, or the image of a monster, seen in an inkspot; psychic portent attributed to mere coincidence; the cry of "why me?" when natural disaster strikes, as if the agent of disaster chooses its victim; the perception of supernatural anger expressed in the violence of an earthquake.

    Archive 2005-07-01

  • "There was a big inkspot on my rug," muttered Jennie Stone.

    Ruth Fielding in Moving Pictures Or, Helping the Dormitory Fund

  • I cast my own down at the brown linoleum until every stain and inkspot was impressed ineradicably on my mind.

    Greener Than You Think

  • So he keeps it low-key, climbing back into his Jaguar, leaving behind a group of reporters who admit the only story they'll get out of the entire day is the unfortunate inkspot that has appeared on the back of Sarah Brown's dress.

    The Guardian World News

  • Another work, One, put together by three collaborators - Yoon Chung Han, Erick Oh, and Gautam Rangan - uses a petri dish with a spot of ink in it and a camera that videos the inkspot and projects the image on the wall.



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