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  • v. To shine.
  • v. To give light to; enlighten.

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  • To shine.


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From Middle English inlighten, from Old English inlīhtan, inlȳhtan, inlēohtan ("to enlighten, light up"), from Proto-Germanic *in + *liuhtijanan (“to lighten, illuminate”), from Proto-Indo-European *leuk- (“to shine”), equivalent to in- +‎ light. Cognate with Dutch inlichten ("to enlighten, inform"), Old High German inliuhten ("to enlighten, illuminate"), Gothic  (inliuhtjan, "to enlgihten, illuminate"). Compare also Middle English anlīhten, from Old English onlȳhtan (id.). More at in-, light.


  • Pleez 2 enlit.. inlight..enfur…sigh tell mee wut teh SI is standinn fur?

    Yer face… - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • For those in favor of Prop H to use the homeless as a ploy to get you to vote for Prop H is, inlight of their track record as late as last night, a crime against humanity.

    If They Were Good Enough For The Citizens Of New Orleans. . . .

  • I don't see my bracket increasing and state taxes will offset any savings; and I still question the life of the roth inlight of future tax needs and the possible revocation of its vevy existance. - Your Money

  • Peter Millin: They are participating in a legal activity … your remarks seem strange inlight of being pro ...

    Locally Grown

  • "Ya, when you start talkin to the rubes who have been led down the path drinking their pagan with a shot of Christian cocktail, one does wonder, but the best place to do your wondering is inlight of the scope, context, and flow of scripture, for it is only there, where true understanding comes from, and not balantantly throwing scripture away because someone else screwed up."


  • They are proceeding down into the woods and their only light is one Mini-Mag flashlight and a hat with built-inlight. eft: Hat with built-in LED lights. Articles

  • To me, the refusal to move those funds to something much more deserving and immediate like Katrina aid, especially inlight of the democrats constant thrashing of the (R)

    Pat Dollard | Young Americans

  • 10: 52 CST: Q: What are you opinions on how education could be changed inlight of these social trends?



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