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  • adj. Producing new ideas or products

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  • That innovates or has a tendency to innovate: as, innovatory ideas in politics.


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  • Don't listen to the murmurings of late that Dragon Age: Origins is some kind of innovatory departure from traditional fantasy.

  • Camden Arts Centre, NW1, to 25 SepSSOne of the big innovatory breakthroughs of early-20th century art resulted from three or four irreverent individuals cutting out fragments of photographic scraps and sticking them together in outlandish combinations.

    This week's new exhibitions

  • Jamaican music was quickest to pick up the new mood of black America, and add its own innovatory ideas to create reggae.

    Lord Kitchener steps off the Empire Windrush

  • The study is based on an innovatory "multidimensional poverty index", or MPI, developed by specialists at Oxford.

    More of world's poor live in India than in all sub-Saharan Africa, says study

  • In other words, even if Buxtehude was more adventurous, more innovatory than Bach, Bach became the more important composer because he was lucky enough to live at a time uniquely suited to his formidable genius.

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  • The point is that those composers we remember as particularly important, or influential, or innovatory — that's as much a fortuitous accident of time and place as it is the force of individual creativity.

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  • I don't know if Bux really was that innovatory in musical elements when you compare him to Orlando di Lasso, Cipriano de Rore, or Carlo Gesualdo, whose musical grammar is in a way similar to Buxtehude's.

    Fame, it's not your brain, it's just the flame that burns your change

  • In this, as in so many other ways, Wert's madrigals are innovatory and prophetic, introducing elements of style and gesture that historians usually associate with later composers, and above all with Monteverdi who spent his earliest years at Mantua during Wert's final ones.

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  • In terms both of quantity and of quality, Agricola's compositions rank on a level with those of Compère and Brumel, being less numerous and on the whole less innovatory than those of Josquin.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • Even in early motets such as the popular Ave Maria … virgo serena Josquin shows true independence of mind, strongly innovatory tendencies, and a concern for the clear, rhetorical declamation of the words.

    Archive 2009-05-01


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