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  • Waterbirds such as the kingfisher suffered very high mortality rates when rivers and streams froze over, while small insect-eating species such as the treecreeper, goldcrest, wren and long-tailed tit died because of widespread "glazed frosts", a layer of ice over the branches of trees which covered up their food supply.

    Weatherwatch: 'War winter' took it's toll on Britain's birds

  • In the video below, a guy presents his insect-eating bearded dragon lizard with a video game called "Ant Crusher" where realistic-looking ants crawl across the screen.

    David Mizejewski: Watch: Lizard Plays Video Game

  • Then his team made world headlines when they convinced 20,000 people to attend an insect-eating festival in Waginegen.

    TEDTalks: Marcel Dicke: Why not eat insects?

  • Because bats are insect-eating machines, capable of consuming nearly half their body weight in insects each night.

    Kerry Trueman: Bats: The New Canary in the Coal Mine?

  • A fluke called Leucochloridium paradoxum makes snails its first host, but makes insect-eating birds its final host, even though the birds have no appetite for snails.

    Parasite Rex

  • The endemic tenrecs, a unique family of insect-eating mammals, occupy the ecological niche that shrews and moles occupy elsewhere.

    Biological diversity in Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands

  • Species found in the Undara flows include four insect-eating bats: small cave eptesicus (Vespadelus troughtoni), eastern horseshoe (Rhinolophus megaphyllus), and two species of bent-wing bats (Miniopterus schreibersii and M. australis).

    Einasleigh upland savanna

  • Is the risk mainly to aquatic organisms, to insects and insect-eating birds, to sediment-dwelling organisms, or to mammals and game such as deer?

    Risk assessment

  • Entomophagy literally, “insect-eating” has been practiced throughout human history and continues to this day.

    32 Edible Insect Foods You Can Buy Online

  • Since scientists have devised objective means of measuring all kinds of physical phenomena, it is remarkable that no scientific instruments can detect whether or not consciousness is present in inorganic matter (e.g., computers or robots), in plants (e.g., insect-eating plants), or in animals (e.g., single cells, insects, human fetuses, or normal human adults).

    Archive 2006-09-01


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