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  • adv. In an insoluble manner; irresolubly, irresolvably.


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  • Fantasy has never been a genre, always a mode, although this is insolubly confused, I think, by the appropriation of the term in the 70s to a marketing category that was bound to a (set of?) rigorously defined genre (s?) of mainly "secondary world" Fantasy, with magic and whatnot.

    The Great Debate

  • In Cuba, revolution, socialism, and national independence are insolubly linked.

    Castro Honors Internationalists, Views Socialism

  • Peace, progress, human rights - these three goals are insolubly linked to one another: it is impossible to achieve one of these goals if the other two are ignored.

    Andrei Sakharov - Nobel Lecture

  • But no writer remains more solidly and insolubly entire.

    Classic French Course in English

  • This was a desperate, a foolhardy trick-but in its very boldness, in its insolubly paradoxical aspects, lay its strength.

    Gray Lensman

  • Though the only act which ever forces us to bow in reverent awe, it is insolubly mysterious, irrational, crazy perhaps, but superb.

    The Nature of Goodness

  • Claims are generally only found indefinite if they are "insolubly ambiguous, and no narrowing construction can properly be adopted."

    Patent Law Blog (Patently-O)

  • They usually wouldn't bring up "insolubly ambiguous" instead, the threshold is "whether you can really tell what they mean to claim".

    Patent Law Blog (Patently-O)

  • The standard is already low for pending applications -- examiners don't use the "insolubly ambiguous" standard and have probably never heard of it.

    Patent Law Blog (Patently-O)

  • At the outset, it should be noted that this question assumes that the "insolubly ambiguous" standard is currently in play at the PTO.

    Patent Law Blog (Patently-O)


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