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  • n. A solution to the imaginary time nonlinear field equation of Yang-Mills field theory; carries information about quantum tunnelling.


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instant +‎ -on


  • A quantum fluctuation in the metric can pinch off a portion of vacuum energy which then quantum tunnels as an instanton through a potential field in superspace and into a nascent cosmology.

    Searching for Life in the Multiverse | Universe Today

  • In particular how does one get a matching conditions on the moduli space for the instanton state “pre-tunneling state” and the tunneling state.

    The Lopsided Universe

  • To the extent we can talk about a “nothingness” it appears to be some sort of instanton (tunnelling state) for the universe which exists on a false vacuum.

    Chatting Theology with Robert Novak

  • One idea of the creation of the universe suggests that before the universe a false vacuum existed (possibly, but not necessarily infinite in size) which our universe essentially ‘tunneled’ into as an instanton effect.

    Chatting Theology with Robert Novak

  • The real part is the instanton component that is a nabla S nabla I, reflecting the small quantum aspect of the spacetime — eg a WKB type of approximation.

    Arrow of Time FAQ

  • Without this, has the idea of the Coleman-De Luccia instanton been refuted?

    Thought experiments

  • His moduli space mimics the hypermultiplet but at finite radius, it receives some instanton corrections.

    The Reference Frame

  • These instanton effects become domain wall in the full physical string.

    The Reference Frame

  • Two examples: 1) mirror symmetry gives a spectacular check of the string instanton series.

    String Theory is Losing the Public Debate


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