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  • n. Plural form of institute.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of institute.


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  • David Malpass's "How the Fed Is Holding Back Recovery" (op-ed, Oct. 19) addresses the dangerous folly of Chairman Ben Bernanke as the Federal Reserve again institutes the absurd policy of more quantitative easing when there is absolutely no demand for more credit in the market.

    Fed Should Learn From Hippocrates

  • Only 10 percent worked in institutes of technology, and hardly anyone was an industrial physicist. 40 Thus, Blau's possibilities of obtaining an award were closely interrelated to a number of more nebulous considerations such as the committee's stance toward university rather than industrial physics research or a cutting edge, specific discovery rather than a life's work.

    Trafficking Materials and Gendered Experimental Practices: Radium Research in Early 20th Century Vienna

  • He has taught in institutes for higher learning for fourteen years.

    Pavel A. Cherenkov - Biography

  • Russian Embassy to Azerbaijan hosted a ceremony of seeing-off young Azerbaijan citizens who have won a scholarship to study in Russian institutes of higher education on August 20.


  • The program’s emphasis on joint policy development also serves to strengthen the capabilities of staff in Chinese institutes and agencies, which further assists in “China’s transition to a sustainable energy future” (Energy Foundation, 2004).

    Cooperative Climate~ Chapter 3

  • Liddell believes the institutes were a watershed moment for nonreligious participation in the interfaith movement.

    Chris Stedman: Atheist Students Find Their Place in the Interfaith Movement

  • If you think so, please call the institutes which accept that there isnot any.

    Harun Yahya Spams the French - The Panda's Thumb

  • These think tanks, which might appropriately be called institutes of war and militarism, are staffed and directed mainly by the neoconservative champions of the military-industrial-Zionist alliance, that is, by the proponents of unilateral wars of aggression.

    Behind the Plan to Bomb Iran

  • The same thing will occur with each new thing -- with the youth clubs, with the video clubs, or with the teaching detachment founded 15 years ago, with each new thing and with the pre-exact sciences institutes, which is also a new institution.


  • If that may be taken as a just representation of the relation of the theoretical branches of medicine -- what we may call the institutes of medicine, to use an old term -- to the practical branches, I think it will be obvious to you that they are of prime and fundamental importance.

    Science & Education


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