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  • adj. Resembling insurance or insurance policies


insurance +‎ -like (Wiktionary)


  • One sliver of optimism for AIG last night was that much of its exposure is related to credit default swaps, insurancelike contracts tied to corporate defaults.

    AIG Faces Cash Crisis

  • New York State and federal prosecutors are investigating trading in credit-default swaps, the insurancelike securities that have come under close scrutiny for their role in the financial crisis.

    Powell, Donors Bolster

  • In recent years, the firm had written massive numbers of credit-default swaps, insurancelike contracts that other companies bought as protection against the default of mortgage-backed securities.

    The Seattle Times

  • At issue is the Fed's handling of nearly $30 billion that AIG owed on complex insurancelike financial instruments known as credit-default swaps, which are unregulated products that the company issued to guarantee often risky investments. Local

  • Credit-default swaps are insurancelike contracts that Wall Street created in the early

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  • And $40 billion more was invested in Citigroup and Bank of America, along with another $5 billion for an insurancelike program that would protect the two institutions from the toxic assets that they had on the books.

    U.S. News

  • Perhaps its when the New York Times calls Credit Default Swaps, the dangerous new focus of this probing probe, "the insurancelike securities."


  • Treasury Department officials have said that September's federal bailout and takeover of AIG were necessary because an AIG collapse and default on tens of billions of dollars in insurancelike contracts with banks would have triggered a chain reaction that would've toppled the U.S. and global financial systems.

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  • Goldman's traders also made huge bets that those securities would lose value by buying insurancelike contracts, called credit-default swaps, with private parties. The Buzz

  • The company, whose stock fell 61\% yesterday, is such a big player in insuring risk for institutions around the world that its failure could shake the global financial system. much of its exposure is related to credit default swaps, insurancelike contracts tied to corporate defaults.


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