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  • adj. Having or characterized by integrity.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Integr- (the root of integr(ity)) + -ous (adjectival suffix: “full of, characterised by, possessing”).


  • A bright, smiling, integrous and very human politician captured our hearts.

    Kari Henley: When Tragedy Inspires Love

  • But Southern Sudan possesses what much of the rest of the world has lost, often in abudance, including vast herds of wildlife, integrous cultures, and wild places.

    Richard Bangs: Why Visit Southern Sudan, Africa's Newest Nation?

  • He's been a fierce, and integrous, critic of Brown for the past decade, so the assumption has been that he's been holding back now so as not to ruin his chance of winning the Speakership.

    Gordon Brown, Charlie Whelan and Me

  • I mean every human being except those in public service are the one who are the most honest, intelligent, integrous and helpful people there ever possibly could be.

    News -

  • How hypocritical of this story's authors and the author's masters, to denigrate Wiki's agenda, as all the news is agenda based and there are no integrous major media left.

    Breaking News: CBS News

  • The thing is, familiarity does not constitute integrous leadership.

    The Berkeley Daily Planet, The East Bay's Independent Newspaper

  • From reading the sources above, it seems as though you can, but folks don't feel comfortable doing so because they're too integrous or deferential, actually, to normative English-speaking.

    Mostly Muppet

  • Of course, Media 1.0 sell themselves as reliable and integrous – they say their facts are checked and corroborated – but they check their own facts, etc, and it would seem that too many major media outlets either have an agenda or are too afraid to ask a freakin’ follow-up question or offer opposing data.

    Suckage « BuzzMachine


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