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from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Of or pertaining to intellectualism, or the doctrine of the intellectualists.


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  • Another theory, often called the "intellectualistic" theory, claims that the purpose of art is truth.

    The Principles of Aesthetics

  • But the 'intellectualistic' position, if I understand Mr. Pratt rightly, is that, altho we can use this fundamentum, this mass of go-between experience, for TESTING truth, yet the truth-relation in itself remains as something apart.

    Meaning of Truth

  • There is a very strong anti-scholastic, anti-rationalist and even anti-intellectualistic impulse in the heart of Protestantism.

    Why all those SCOTUS Catholics and Jews?

  • I guess that is why I react strongly to anti-intellectualistic portrayals of faith.

    My Unhappy Experience with Uncritical Faith. | Mind on Fire

  • As much as he opposes the traditional German Idealists in their metaphysical elevation of self-consciousness (which he regarded as too intellectualistic), Schopenhauer stands within the spirit of this tradition, for he believes that the ultimate principle of the universe is likewise apprehensible through introspection, and that we can philosophically understand the world as various manifestations of this general principle.

    Arthur Schopenhauer

  • So, to summarise: the Platonic path, as I understand it, is an individualistic and intellectualistic project to achieve the contemplation of the One and thereby to achieve immortality.

    Socrates or Jesus?

  • The THEOLOGICAL system of Thomas AQUINAS was based on such an intellectualistic model of faith.

    Concise Dictionary of Religion

  • In opposition to this intellectualistic concept, Posidonius acknowledged the independent power of irrational forces in the human soul.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • Posidonius was a Stoic philosopher who, however, broke away from some of the most fundamental doc - trines of early Stoicism, especially its intellectualistic ethical doctrines, according to which all vices and evil deeds were ultimately due to intellectual errors: no - body who had real ethical insight could consciously act unethically.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • Hegel's magnificent synthesis of philosophy and the - ology, culture and religion, the profane and the sacred — being too intellectualistic in that it tended to



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