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  • adj. Of or pertaining to intensive care
  • n. A practitioner of intensive care


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  • But there are only about 6,000 board certified "intensivist" doctors--far short of the number needed to meet the demand using existing technology.

    Visicu: Great Promise, But Beware

  • To schedule a hospital to hospital transfer, call 215-590-2644 and ask to speak to the cardiac intensivist on call.

    Clinicians Contact Us

  • Only 46% of U.S. hospitals have a board-certified intensivist available round the clock.

    Critical (Re)thinking

  • The goal of the team, which includes an intensivist, a critical-care fellow and a nurse, is to intervene early and prevent cardiac arrests.

    Critical (Re)thinking

  • A drug I have prescribed with due respect in the critical care arena when I was a practicing intensivist, propofol was a wonderful tool to induce sedation and facilitate difficult procedures which my patients needed.

    Qanta Ahmed, MD: Sleepless Supernova: Propofol Lullabies In Neverland

  • And my first e-mail today was a neuro-intensivist (ph) who I know who e-mailed me and said, "Man, next time, I'm definitely wearing a helmet."

    CNN Transcript Mar 17, 2009

  • Much has been said about this excellent New Yorker article on checklists in medicine, by Atul Gawande, in which he talks with two checklist gurus -- intensivist Peter Pronovost from Hopkins he wrote the Tintinalli chapter on ABG interpretation and Markus Thalmann, an Austrian surgeon who led some truly incredible hypothermia arrest resuscitations.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • What's more, to improve communication between day and night shifts, day staffers do rounds each evening with the oncoming intensivist, nurses and respiratory therapist.

    Hospitals Move

  • "If patients are admitted to the hospital and their condition is not stable, a night-time intensivist will go see them right away," says Emmel Golden, the medical director of the ICU.

    Hospitals Move

  • A recent conversation with an intensivist illustrated the point:

    Archive 2005-01-01


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