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  • The area of adult and peer discrimination against particular individual students and groups of students is an area teacher organizations across Canada have been working on for years as a way of decreasing bullying in schools – part of a package promoting positive human inter-relationships.

    Compulsory equality in Ontario classrooms « Anglican Samizdat

  • In my book "Treat Me Not My Age" I devote an entire section to money and aging, because as we get older, money and health have profound and surprising inter-relationships you may not have thought about.

    Mark Lachs, M.D.: Elder Abuse: How to Protect Your Loved One When Cognitive Problems Arise

  • The choreography by which MacMillan expresses these tortuous inter-relationships assumes the rococo style of the day.

    Manon – review

  • New Caprica was a bold move to unstitch formulating dynamics and give the character inter-relationships a bold new direction.

    MIND MELD: If We Ran Battlestar Galactica

  • The Centre for Local Economic Strategies CLES, a member and research organisation dedicated to economic development, regeneration and local governance which I head, has spent four years researching and qualitatively assessing the resilience of these relationships in place, working with a model that highlights 10 inter-relationships.

    Building a sense of place

  • Even within the scene the byzantine inter-relationships of crews, neighbourhoods and pirate radio stations meant that different areas often developed in isolation.

    Grime's still standing, better than anything

  • These inter-relationships include the attempts to fuse technological artefacts with human and other biological organisms, with human society, and with culturally shaped environments.

    DK Matai: Innovation, Anthropology and Cultural Relativity

  • "Integrative" suggests movement in a particular direction that takes fuller account of the inherent biological and ecological inter-relationships between system components and system outcomes, whether a human body (the system) and disease (an outcome), or a farm (the system) and crop yields (an outcome).

    Ashley Koff: What Is the Future of U.S. Agriculture?

  • Through the operation of myriad inter-relationships feeding back upon one another, credit markets seized up and previously uncorrelated asset classes moved in unanticipated unison as their prices rapidly went south, leaving nowhere to hide.

    Stress-Testing the Planet

  • Schwartz's previous research has addressed morality, decision-making and the varied inter-relationships between science and society.

    TEDTalks: The Real Crisis? We Stopped Being Wise


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