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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of intercalate.
  • adj. interleaved, formed in distinctly alternating layers.


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See intercalate.


  • The junction point with surrounding cells is characterized by dark transverse bands called intercalated discs.

    Muscles Part 3

  • On stairs that can be intercalated anywhere, like those that Hermes won with the dice of the moon, that Osiris might be born.

    Robert Lanza, M.D.: What Happens When You Die? Evidence Suggests Time Simply Reboots

  • The extremes in alternation are to be found in cyclothimia and manic-depressive psychoses, which may or may not be intercalated by periods of equilibrium.

    C. G. Jung and Psychosynthesis, by Roberto Assagioli

  • In "The Book of Wonder," children's questions are intercalated and answered with touching deadpan: "Why cannot two people settle disputes?"


  • These have left volcanoclastic deposits and andesitic lavas found together with intercalated turbidic marine sediments corresponding to tertiary sedimentary formations.

    Western Ecuador moist forests

  • The intercalated soil horizons have yielded important palaeontological data, with interesting fossil finds such as the shells of land snail Placostylus and the terrestrial giant horned turtle Meiolania platyceps, which probably became extinct more than 20,000 years ago.

    Lord Howe Island Group, Australia

  • Lord Howe Island has sedimentary deposits of Pleistocene and Holocene (Recent) age, including cross-bedded calcarenite with intercalated soil horizons, lagoonal deposits, a single sand dune, and alluvium.

    Lord Howe Island Group, Australia

  • This quaternary plain was formed by the post-orogenic clastic depositing of sediment, derived from adjacent tectonic uplifts deposited in the basin of the lower Magdalena River that formed a platform of peat intercalated with sand and clay beds.

    Magdalena-Santa Marta mangroves

  • Yet I worry and fret that the four or five people who are kind enough to read my intercalated insides must certainly think I need a massive refill of Prozac.

    blog: Broken City

  • These are part of a sequence of intercalated alluvial sands and marsh beds on the eastern side of the Delmarva Peninsula.

    Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Maryland


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