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  • n. mutual correlation between multiple things


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inter- +‎ correlation


  • Despite this high intercorrelation, the 2 forms showed unique associations with maladjustment: Direct aggression is more strongly related to externalizing problems, poor peer relations, and low prosocial behavior, and indirect aggression is related to internalizing problems and higher prosocial behavior.

    Miriam Ruiz

  • Results also indicated a substantial intercorrelation = .76 between these forms.

    Miriam Ruiz

  • Perhaps the issue has to do with intercorrelation of the high frequency data in the different data sets?

    Reconciling Zorita « Climate Audit

  • Examination of this measure for every day in 2001 showed that 9/11 had the largest intercorrelation.


  • Then I tried a more general test to see if the “amount” of daily news was related to the daily RNG intercorrelation values.


  • Could unusual environmental effects, such as increased cell-phone usage on that day, have caused this large intercorrelation effect?


  • They than calculate the "effective" number of independent series based on the average intercorrelation rbar when the maximum number presumably 10 here for the NH is present in order to get an adjustment factor.

    Jones et al [1998]: Variance Adjustment « Climate Audit

  • It can be observed that there is a high positive intercorrelation between the number of flies on the western coast of Norway and the number of tourists visiting that region.

    Trygve Haavelmo - Prize Lecture

  • The simulation studies discussed in the Section 3 suggest that the proposed procedure is able to produce sound parameter estimates and increased power compared to the AR (1) model when the true intercorrelation structure of the time-dependent expression data is of a higher order.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • What's behind this increased intercorrelation between commodities? Home Page


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