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  • v. Present participle of interdict.


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  • The U.S. military has succeeded in interdicting supplies and foreign fighters streaming in from Syria.

    Sound Politics: Reichert/Burner Debate at first glance

  • If you are al Qaeda, and you are interested in interdicting or attacking CIA air services that transport captured high value targets, how would you go about finding out how the CIA is moving these prisoners around?

    Balloon Juice » 2005 » May

  • The announced mission is that the Marines will be interdicting, which is one of those terms we have learned as we've gone through this latest war.

    CNN Transcript Dec 6, 2001

  • Having spent its energies in the first phase of the war on interdicting enemy supply lines, the air force turned to a highly orchestrated campaign of destruction against hydroelectric dams close to the Chinese border.

    Between War and Peace

  • The Fast and Furious operation run by ATF agents in Phoenix involved allowing suspected traffickers to purchase about 2,000 firearms, without interdicting them.

    GOP Lawmakers Press FBI on Fast and Furious

  • More than any other agency, including the CIA, the performance of the ISI in interdicting al-Qaida does not really compare with any other intelligence agency of the world, added Bashir.

    Pakistani Civilian, Military Leaders Warn US about Future Raids

  • Hueber said aircraft were "interdicting their lines of communications which supply their beans and their bullets, their command and control."

    Allies Target Gadhafi's Ground Forces

  • While we cite the UN Resolution authorizing our interdicting Qaddafi's use of his air force in his country's airspace, and the support of our NATO allies particularly France and Great Britain, with the endorsement of the Arab League, it is the armed forces of the US that have been responsible for taking out Libya's air defenses and preventing the use of Libya's airspace by the Libyan government's planes.

    Ed Koch: Where Do We Start and When Do We Stop?

  • Republicans, led by Rep. Darrell Issa of California and Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, have focused for weeks on ATF tactics in Fast and Furious, which involved agents monitoring -- but not interdicting -- firearms sales to suspected smugglers, with the aim of making a major trafficking case.

    Democrats to Take Aim at Gun Laws Amid ATF Probe

  • In the last year, a number of states who had previously never been involved in, shall we say interdicting, and helping us with the transfer of illicit cargos from North Korea to sites either in Asia or in the Middle East have assisted us in turning back shipments, said Campbell.

    US Lawmakers Seek End to 'Cycle of North Korean Provocations'


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