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  • n. A video frame which is compressed to express only the change from a reference frame
  • n. A type of bolster for a folding knife


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inter- +‎ frame


  • Oh ya, saya hampir lupa, ikan langka interframe sekali sahaja dalam dalam filem ini.

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  • This is an interframe delivery codec that uses temporal compression.

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  • In an interframe, one or more blocks will contain no data, which indicates that the bitmap region represented by that block has not changed since the last update of that image area.

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  • If this is an Note: UB [16] is not the same as interframe, and this block has UI16; there is no byte swapping. not changed since the last update of this image area, DataSize is 0 and the Data field is absent.

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  • Analog video contains a large amount of high frequency noise that either needs to be captured at full channel bandwidth, or low pass filtered prior to A / D. Post A / D noise will greatly affect motion detection for interframe (GOP) compression quality. Forum

  • A-MPDU, the aggregation of multiple MAC-level service data units; Block Ack, which increases efficiency by transmitting multiple data frames followed by only one acknowledgement frame in a transmission block; Greenfield mode, the increased efficiency gained by dropping 802. 11a / b / g backward compatibility; and RIFS, reduced interframe spacing, which minimizes unused radio dead time by cutting the interval time between sent packets.

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  • My point is, KJ should not feel bad for not being appointed as Minister. hehehe … that was an amazing photos … interframe to menteri agama …


  • It deals not with interframe implication, but visual / textural implication within in a frame.


  • About everyone buys into interframe compressed MPeg4 for distribution but not for acquisition. Forum

  • Higher end formats like DVCProHD and HDCAM record every frame individually without the motion interframe compression found in MPeg formats. Forum


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