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  • adj. Describing the noncoding sections of nucleic acid between genes


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  • The downstream enhancer region, also referred to as the intergenic region between Avp and Oxt, contains three SNPs: A (+399) G with LABs carrying guanine and HABs adenine, T (+476) G with LABs carrying guanine and HABs thymine and C (+2444) A with LABs carrying adenine and HABs cytosine.

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  • Avp and Oxt genes that are separated by 4 kbp, the so-called intergenic region differences in gene expression were only restricted to the former.

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  • Following a hunch, postdoctoral scholar Andrzej Wierzbicki decided to take a closer look at the stretches of DNA that lie between genes, the so-called intergenic regions.

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  • Colours indicate either a 1.5-fold to 2.0-fold (blue) or a more than 2.0-fold (red) increase in the size of intronic (coloured boxes) or intergenic (coloured lines) regions, in comparison with the chicken reference.

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  • The correct relative sizes of predicted exons (black boxes), introns (white or coloured boxes) and intergenic regions (horizontal thick lines) permit direct comparisons (right).

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  • What was found in those enlarged intergenic regions is a greater invasion of degenerate DNA sequences: lots of additional retrotransposons, like LINES and SINES, which are all junk DNA.

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  • In this essay, I review a 2007 study by Debrah Thompson and Roy Parker “Cytoplasmic decay of intergenic transcripts in Saccharomyces cerevisiae”, Mol.

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  • Furthermore, when they looked at where the mysterious transcripts are coming from, they are most frequently from regions of DNA near known genes, not just out of deep intergenic regions.

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  • There clearly are still mysteries in there — they do identify a few novel transcripts that come up out of the intergenic regions — but they are small and rare, and the fact of their existence does not imply a functional role, since they could simply be byproducts of other processes.

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  • At this point, we barely know even how the “genes” would “grow” a normal Purkinje neuron — let alone our very initial actual knowledge of the roles their intronic and intergenic regions play in physiological and/or pathological growth.

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