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  • n. The growing of one thing with or into another.
  • n. Mineralogy The growing together of crystals from two or more minerals.

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  • n. A growing together and through each other of two crystals

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A growing together; a growth between.
  • n. Specifically In crystallography, intercrystallization; the intimate union of two mineral species, often in parallel position, produced by simultaneous crystallization; also, one of the subindividuals involved in a composite growth of this character.


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  • I am also very intreged by the clast I have chosen to analyse - it looks like two main minerals interlocked in some sort of intergrowth way - each with its own specific selection of other mineral inclusions.

    Snell-Pym » analysing the moon rock

  • A modification of the entire beneficiation method is not possible for small-scale mining operations; however, there are a number of technical processes available which, when combined, can significantly increase the recovery in modern facilities to values typically in the range of 70 % and even up to 80 - 90 %, depending upon the degree of intergrowth in the minerals.

    Chapter 20

  • Raw ore characteristics such as degree of intergrowth, grain-size distribution of the valuable minerals, etc. determine whether a grinding of the feed material is absolutely necessary.

    Chapter 20

  • Deposits of non-iron metallic ores, for example those of sub-Volcanic or submarine emanative genesis, or sulfide veins with oxidized valuable-mineral sources, or stratified tin deposits, such as frequently occur in the Latin American Andes, exhibit this fine intergrowth and must be handled during beneficiation with special attention regarding the fine grain distribution.

    Chapter 20

  • Through the interchange and intergrowth of these contrarieties God realises Himself; the {27} universe in its evolution is the self-picturing of God.

    A Short History of Greek Philosophy

  • - raw ores which exhibit a fine intergrowth and therefore require fine grinding to liberate the valuable mineral.

    Chapter 20


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