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  • adj. Situated or existing between lakes.

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  • Situated between two lakes. The great interlacustrine plateau.


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Inter- + lacustrine.


  • Despite an expansion of population in the preceding half millennium, the region was still sparsely populated compared with West Africa and the interlacustrine region.

    e. West Central Africa

  • Increasing commerce linked the forest zone to the interlacustrine region in the east and the emerging state systems to the west.

    e. West Central Africa

  • Larger kingdoms, based on the interaction between pastoralists and cultivators, began to emerge in the interlacustrine region.

    d. East Africa

  • In the interlacustrine zone, trade between specialized agriculturalists and pastoralists led to the formation of new polities late in the period.

    d. East Africa

  • In the interlacustrine region, the 19th century witnessed the consolidation of larger state systems at the expense of the smaller polities.

    G. Africa, 1795-1917

  • The interlacustrine region saw a buildup of population along the western and southwestern shores of Lake Victoria, leading to expansion to the northwest and north, settling the protopopulations of later communities such as the Ganda, Soga, Nkore, and Bunyoro.

    d. East Africa

  • Bananas also spread in this period from the south to the interlacustrine region and to Mt. Elgon.

    d. East Africa

  • In the interlacustrine region of East Africa, five or six larger kingdoms developed out of a cluster of some 200 micropolities.

    3. Historical Trends, 1000-1500

  • Already well dispersed, they probably acquired iron technology around 500 C.E. On their route eastward, the Bantu speakers skirted the northern forest edge toward the interlacustrine region of East Africa.

    D. Africa, 500-1500

  • Interim People's Committee, Korea interlacustrine region, Africa

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