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  • n. A lymphokine, released by helper T cells in response to an antigen or mitogen, that stimulates the growth of blood stem cells and lymphoid cells such as macrophages and mast cells.


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  • These depend on the presence of the growth factor interleukin-3 by combining them in microtissues with CHO cells (Chinese hamster ovary cells) that were engineered to secrete interleukin-3.

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  • After proving that they could assemble cells into microtissues, Gartner and Bertozzi constructed a minute gland - analogous to a lymph node, for example - such that one cell type secreted interleukin-3 and thereby kept a second cell type alive.


  • CD123 is part of the interleukin-3 receptor, a protein that interacts with a growth factor (called a cytokine) that influences cell survival and proliferation.

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  • Stemline's lead compound, SL-401, targets the interleukin-3 receptor which is expressed on multiple hematological cancers including leukemia blasts and leukemia cancer stem cells.


  • Upchurch D, Szilvassy SJ, Guzman ML, Howard DS, et al. (2000) The interleukin-3 receptor alpha chain is a unique marker for human acute myelogenous leukemia stem cells.

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  • 3 Department of Chemistry, The Scripps Research Institute, San Diego, California, United States of America The SH2-containing-5ā€²inositol phosphatase-1 (SHIP) influences signals downstream of cytokine / chemokine receptors that play a role in megakaryocytopoiesis, including thrombopoietin, stromal-cell-derived-Factor-1 / CXCL-12 and interleukin-3.

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