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  • v. Present participle of intermix.


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  • The Michigan Chronicle called it a victory for “an increasingly vociferous element in the community” who demanded that people like Jones, “who exist by the skillful intermixing of religion, fear, faith in God, and outright fakery solely for personal aggrandizement be driven from their lofty perches.”

    A Renegade History of the United States

  • She says that the reason surplus men in the American West didn't take Native American women as brides was that "their particular Anglo-Saxon breed of racism precluded intermixing."

    The War Against Girls

  • In the process it throws up questions—about the extent of Burns's authorship, and the aesthetic and political considerations behind the deliberate "intermixing" of Scots and English—that add resonance to the old song, even as they remain unanswerable.

    Visiting an Auld Acquaintance

  • The sum of our memory is an almost infinitely complex and chaotic web of connections: superimposing, jostling, crisscrossing, intermixing, competing; like a jungle, or compost heap, or mad, overcrowded house party.

    How to improve long-term memory

  • Marvel is setting themselves up for years and years of movies and intermixing all of the separate characters.

    More Crazy Rumors: Jonah Nolan to Direct Superman? | /Film

  • I can't cite statistics, but I'd wager somewhere around 75% of the day-to-day minor annoyances that occur in NYC happen as the result of an out-of-towner intermixing with a local.

    In my New York City, the cops wink at you and mean it.

  • They managed to achieve solid intermixing of different groups so effectively that even hatred is removed (not completely though, they still have to work on it, but they move in right direction ...).


  • His specialty is creole and his scholarship is focused mainly on this area and on how language evolves especially via intermixing.

    Matthew Yglesias » Harry Reid’s WTF Moment

  • As the plot unfolds on stage a backdrop of TV sets broadcasts numerous scenes from pop culture and the news, intermixing adverts for fast food with bloody scenes from the Iraq war and popular TV sitcoms such as Family Guy.

    Green Day spice up Broadway with sex, drugs and punk

  • When they arrived, the gene pool was further muddied by intermixing with Europeans—a phenomenon known as “admixture.”

    The $1,000 Genome


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