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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of internalize.


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  • More crucial is a distinction between what I call internalized and externalized responsibility.

    Kruse Kronicle

  • The bad news: the culture being internalized is that of Mexico, not America.

    Backwards Acculturation in California’s Mexican City

  • One lesson in particular that we have internalized is that the turn to radicalism in the late 1960s, while perhaps understandable given the implacability of powerholders and their continued resistance to change, nonetheless was a self-destructive tangent from which many on the left have yet to return.

    Freedom Schools— an exchange

  • Because this denial results in internalized frustration and anger, these extremes in behavior invariably include a great capacity for emotional outbursts which can range from poetic to violent

    I would like to know about "The Culture"

  • My further experiments indicated that they were being internalized from the cell surface and were probably being recycled to it.

    Linda B. Buck - Autobiography

  • I mean, every black person who's lived in a traditional black community understands that these forms of white supremacy, what we often call internalized racism, are part of our lives, and that we haven't ended those things in our own communities.

    Killing Rage: Ending Racism

  • "They’ve never internalized any images; all they’ve internalized is ‘call Mom or Dad.’"

    National Wimp Crisis | Impact Lab

  • Let's call it internalized Demophobia: the fear of actually letting people know that your leanings are decidedly left-of-center The good news is that with the defeat of Pearce and the rise of the populist Occupy movement, it looks as if AZ Dems, while not quite ready to wave a donkey flag and hold a pride parade, are willing to let their GOP mom and dad know they've finally had enough.

    Diane D'Angelo: Arizona Democrats Struggle to Come Out Of The Closet -- As Democrats

  • But instead, what these researchers invoked was something called internalized oppression, the idea being that -- that the folks who claimed to have no experiences of discrimination really did, but that either they didn't register it consciously as discrimination because they had so -- they had such a low self-regard that -- that they felt this was just acceptable behavior.

    PC, M.D.: How Political Correctness is Corrupting Medicine

  • I also resonate with the idea of internalized prejudice and the ways in which it can poison a person's identity and self-value, and then wreck havoc through that person. stories


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