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  • adj. Between bones

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Situated between two bones, or among several bones: specifically applied to different ligaments, as the various intercarpal ligaments, the radio-ulnar and the tibiofibular ligaments, and others.


inter- +‎ osseous (Wiktionary)


  • Spolarics mumbled an answer, “the left anterior interosseous nerve.”

    Body of Knowledge

  • Learning Channel, The left anterior interosseous nerve legs, dissection of

    Body of Knowledge

  • Although the interosseous muscles of the palm retained enough of their gripping strength to wield a knife or an ice pick, it had taken hours of reconstructive surgery to repair the intrinsic lumbricates to the point where the thumb and first three fingertips of each hand could meet, much less grasp a tiny needle.

    The Girls He Adored

  • The tibialis anticus lies along the outer side of the tibia, from which, and from the head of the fibula and interosseous ligament, it arises tendinous and fleshy.

    Surgical Anatomy

  • The extensor communis digitorum lies close to the outer side of the anterior tibial muscle, and arises from the upper three-fourths of the fibula, from the interosseous ligament and intermuscular septum.

    Surgical Anatomy

  • The frequent anastomosis thus seen to take place between the branches of the radial, the ulnar, and the interosseous arteries in the hand, should be carefully borne in mind by the surgeon.

    Surgical Anatomy

  • On separating the anterior tibial and common extensor muscles, we find the extensor pollicis, C c, which, concealed between the two, arises from the middle of the fibula, and the interosseous ligament; its tendon passes beneath the annular ligament in front of the ankle joint, and after traversing the inner part of the dorsum of the foot, becomes inserted into the three phalanges of the great toe.

    Surgical Anatomy

  • Its deep palmar branch is seen lying on the interosseous muscles, M M.K. Abductor minimi digiti.

    Surgical Anatomy

  • The anterior tibial artery, L, Plate 67, Figure 2, extends from the upper part of the interosseous ligament which it perforates, to the bend of the ankle, whence it is continued over the dorsum of the foot.

    Surgical Anatomy

  • Here it will be found, close in front of the interosseous ligament, at about an inch and-a-half in depth from the anterior surface, and removed from the spine of the tibia at an interval equal to the width of the tibialis anticus muscle.

    Surgical Anatomy


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