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  • n. Plural form of interrogative.


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  • His strings of interrogatives at times give the pleasing effect of taking the reader into his confidence, but they can be frustrating.

    The Greeks' Daring Experiment

  • (PS: And, Keith, interrogatives need a question mark.)

    Delta IV Heavy is Cheaper Than Ares 1. Wow. Who Knew. - NASA Watch

  • BTW it is rich for you to demand anything of anyone - you never answer interrogatives.

    "Gregg could go down as the biggest sucker since Arthur Goldberg."

  • Two things occur to me as I look through the list and consider the imperatives implied by the interrogatives.

    Archive 2008-09-01

  • I think the idea that those response patterns are better modified by presenting "ethical interrogatives" than by teaching "moral imperatives" opens up a vast field of possibilities, even if it isn't as black-and-white as Kohlberg asserts; even if it's not an outright impossibility to * teach* someone a "higher level" of ethical development, I find it quite plausible that his technique of presenting challenges is more effective.

    Archive 2006-02-01

  • Of all of the interrogatives in our language, “why” is the most speculative.

    Why? « First 50 Words – Writing Prompts

  • Pullum and Scholz provide evidence that, contrary to what Chomsky asserts in his discussion of polar interrogatives, children can expect to encounter plenty of data that would alert them to the falsity of H1.

    Innateness and Language

  • That is, if the innateness of UG tout court is to be supported by poverty of the stimulus considerations, the idea must be that the cases that nativists discuss in detail (polar interrogatives, complex auxiliaries, etc.) are but the tip of the unlearnable iceberg.

    Innateness and Language

  • In the example of polar interrogatives, discussed above, we saw how children apparently require explicit falsifying evidence in order to rule out the plausible-seeming but false hypothesis, H1.

    Innateness and Language

  • One of these concerns learning how to form ˜polar interrogatives,™ i.e., questions demanding yes or no by way of answer, via

    Innateness and Language


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