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  • n. An intersexual individual.

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  • n. Any of a variety of conditions (in a dioecious species) whereby an individual has characteristics of both sexes.
  • n. An individual with an any of these conditions.
  • adj. Intersexed, having characteristics of both sexes.

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  • n. one having both male and female sexual characteristics and organs; at birth an unambiguous assignment of male or female cannot be made


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From German Intersexe; corresponding to inter- + sex.


  • Those unfamiliar with the term "intersex" may still recognize the term "hermaphrodite" -- a single human possessing both male and female genitalia -- which is one variety of intersexuality.

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  • Their newborn had a noticeably large clitoris, a tell-tale sign of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) - the most common of the conditions grouped together under the term intersex or disorders of sexual development (DSD). Main RSS Feed

  • This is a rare disorder and the term intersex describes a wide variety of conditions including both the obvious and subtle symptoms.

    CreationWiki - Recent changes [en]

  • Now, if by chance she has some chromosomal abnormality which you're alluding to, which we refer to as intersex, that would not result in a superwoman and would not give her the ability to outwin all these other women.

    CNN Transcript Aug 20, 2009

  • Many stakeholders involved in intersex treatment benefit from this, especially the surgeons and pediatric endocrinologists.

    Disorders of Sex Development

  • This type of surgery is performed on a person who is born in what is called an 'intersex state', that is,...

    The Guardian World News

  • All human rights organizations, feminist allies, academics and gender specialists, as well as other groups and individuals interested in intersex human rights, are invited to show their solidarity by organizing workshops, lectures, discussions and other activities which deal with any or all of the following topics: the life of Herculine Barbin intersex normalisation treatments without consent the violence of the binary sex and gender system the sexism implicit within the binary construct of sex and gender

    Intersex Solidarity Day – November 8

  • B "DSD persons" who would not have been called intersex under the LESS inclusive category of intersex, if they reject their gender assignment, will be labeled as paraphilic.

    Transsexual Causation, the American Psychiatric Association, and Interpol

  • So if you dissaprove of people calling intersex people freaks and weirdos and I'd agree with you if you did then it's absolutely inexcusably wrong of you to call mentally ill people freaks and weirdos!

    A Nose By Any Other Name Would Smell

  • Almost every intersex group is not happy with the idea of intersex being co-opted by the transgender community and one of them being the AISSG which I am a supporter of.

    Transsexual Causation, the American Psychiatric Association, and Interpol


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