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  • adj. Of or pertaining to a temporary period of thaw in the middle of an ice age.
  • n. Such a period.


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inter- +‎ stadial


  • The rapidity with which organic carbon can build up in soils is also indicated by examples of buried steppe soils formed during short-lived interstadial phases in Russia and Ukraine.

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  • Thompson stated that dating was based on: “We used the apparent correlation between atmospheric CH4 levels and stadial and interstadial events inferred from d18O values”.

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  • Though a warming trend had been moderating its worst effects-an interstadial period lasting several thousands of years-the glacial ice was regrouping for one last assault on the land before the retreat would be turned to a rout thousands of years later.

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  • But hey, a person who doesn't know what an interstadial period is, should be believed over the thousands of climate scientists who actually know what they are talking about, right?

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  • The warm interstadial periods are evident in the Greenland data and are followed by a return to the very cold glacial period.


  • In recent years a theory has emerged that seeks to explain three mysterious events that took place at around 13,000 years ago (kya) - the sudden cooling phase known as the Younger Dryas, at the end of the Bølling Allerød warm interstadial, the sudden termination of the Clovis culture in North America, along with the mass extinction event there that saw the demise of over 30 genera of Pleistocene fauna, although this last event had been in progress from c. 40 kya, and also affected further flung parts of the world such as Eurasia and Australia.

  • the Americas - was hunted to extinction and the climate entered a glacial interstadial.

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