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  • n. An interstitial space within a tissue or organ.
  • n. Specifically the tissue between the pulmonary alveoli and the bloodstream.
  • n. A state between systems or spaces.

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  • n. In church arch., the place where the transept meets the nave and choir, this space often being covered by a tower or cupola; the cross.


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From Latin interstitium, from inter ("between") + sistere ("to stand, place").


  • Et dedit in manum servorum suorum, singulos greges seorsum: dixitque ad servos suos, Transite ante me, et interstitium ponetis inter gregem et gregem.

    Commentary on Genesis - Volume 2

  • Et fuit, quum retraheret manum suam, ecce, egressus est frater ejus, et dixit, Cur rupisti super to interstitium?

    Commentary on Genesis - Volume 2

  • A Style in Treason CHAPTER ONE The Karas, a fragile transship-she was really little more than a ferry, just barely meriting a name-came fluttering out of the interstitium. into the Flos Campi system a day late in a ball of rainbows, trailing behind her two gaudy contrails of false photons, like a moth unable to free herself of her cocoon.


  • Spenser ‘zephyrus’, and not ‘zephyr’; so ‘interstitium’ (Fuller) preceded ‘interstice’; ‘philtrum’ (Culverwell) ‘philtre’; ‘expansum’

    English Past and Present

  • I suppose, without much more difficulty be yielded, seeing that we may observe a very great _interstitium_ of Air betwixt the Object, and the Eye, makes it appear of a dead blew, far enough differing from a red, or yellow.

    Micrographia Some Physiological Descriptions of Minute Bodies Made by Magnifying Glasses with Observations and Inquiries Thereupon

  • The deposits strongly stained for Congo red and, in most cases, had distinctive morphological features with diffuse involvement of the interstitium, arteries, and glomeruli.

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  • Muscle tissue is composed of multinucleate myofibers surrounded by a basal lamina (extra-cellular matrix), which delineate the fibers from the interstitium consisting of vessels and connective tissue

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  • Individual cells expressing CD24 were identified in the interstitium of later gestation and postnatal kidneys.

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  • Rheumatoid lung is a disease of the tissue which makes up the walls of the alveoli, known as the interstitium.

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  • Pulmonary LAM is a rare but serious lung disease that occurs when smooth muscle tissue proliferates within the interstitium of the lung in the form of characteristic thin-walled lung cysts.

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