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  • n. A printed narration or portion of dialogue flashed on the screen between the scenes of a silent film.

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  • n. A piece of static text inserted into the film to provide context or other information.


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  • An opening intertitle announces 'A film about happiness. '

    Documentary about the band Heavy Load on IFC tonight

  • This all has me thinking of the old intertitle on past DVDs of Nosferatu - "And when he had crossed the bridge, the phantoms came to meet him."

    Subtleties optional

  • Regardless, the coded homosexuality of the scene is glaringly obvious, despite the fact that there has been no previous reference to this kind of relationship between Franz and Reinhold, other than an intertitle which referred to Reinhold and Mieze as the two people who Franz loved.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • Godard's film advertises itself, in an intertitle, as the last of the DEFA documentaries, and in this it attempts to poetically summarize the events leading up to this historical moment.

    Germany Year 90 Nine Zero

  • If it doesn't refer to Palin -- and the intertitle tells us it does -- then it's just an old clich├ę.

    And the McCain campaign is not giving Obama a pass on the Lipsticked Pig remark.

  • It's interesting how well the story is told without words, with only music and the rare bit of intertitle Bible quote to add to the images.

    Lot in Sodom

  • There is a 4-minute difference between the two versions, but I didn't notice anything missing in its entirety; instead, little bits and the odd intertitle were missing from individual scenes and shots.

    Archive 2005-11-27

  • This scene is present on the Brentwood disc, but an intertitle is edited into the wrong place, so that the parting shot is followed by the Boy's earlier intertitle, "You can't live on pride!"

    Archive 2005-11-27

  • Lunch is poured,'' announced one notorious intertitle. Top Stories

  • The film's electrifying final sequence finds Griffith cutting with furious precision between two planes of action: a house in town where Elsie must defend her honor against a "mulatto" associate of her father and a cabin in the countryside, where most of the Cameron family has taken refuge with a pair of Union veterans -- "former enemies," as an intertitle puts it, "united in defense of their Aryan birthright." rss feed


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