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  • adj. Within a genome


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  • One of the remarkable discoveries is that the entire human genetic code—genome—is swarming with selfish elements, the result of “intragenomic conflict.”


  • Our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of epigenomic regulation, and the extent of its importance in nature, are far from complete, but in spite of such drawbacks, population-level studies are extremely valuable: epigenomic regulation is involved in several processes central to evolutionary biology including phenotypic plasticity, evolvability and the mediation of intragenomic conflicts.

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  • Pseudogenes, satellite DNA, transposable elements (45% of our genome), and other non-coding sequences may or may not be functional – that requires evidence – and some may exist as a result of accidental duplication or even due to selection at the level of the elements themselves (by “intragenomic selection”).

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  • see also computers; World Wide Web intragenomic conflict, 134



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