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  • adj. Existing or taking place within the mind or psyche: intrapsychic conflict.

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  • adj. Within the psyche or mind


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  • In the absence of functional interpersonal [with others] processing and functional intrapsychic [internal] processing there can only be power.

    Dr. Robert Aziz: Why Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

  • Out of the art gallery and into our offices, as practitioners of psychoanalytic psychotherapies, we witness the pain of patients stuck in interpersonal relationships or, more often, intrapsychic conflicts demons known as negative introjects.

    Penelope Andrew: The Freud(ian)s: Inspired by Sigmund's Passion for Antiquities, Jane Debuts Her Own Paradigms of the Unconscious

  • Instead, the researchers suggest that a better intervention would be to "emphasize the interpersonal and intrapsychic costs of being seen as narcissistic by others."

    Do Narcissists Know They Are Narcissists?

  • Is at once a biological event, a generation-specific repertoire of verbal constructs reflecting medicine's intellectual and institutional history, an occasion of and potential legitimization for public policy, an aspect of social role and individual — intrapsychic — identity, a sanction for cultural values, and a structuring element in doctor and patient interactions.

    Pestilence and Headcolds: Encountering Illness in Colonial Mexico

  • This standard was supposed to replace intrapsychic conflict as the übercriterion of mental illness when the DSM-III was revamped in the wake of the homosexuality debacle.


  • Rank-and-file psychiatrists did eventually figure out that a big change was afoot, and much of the ensuing consternation focused on another word slated for elimination—neurosis, which, the new Committee on Nomenclature argued, should not appear in DSM-III because it “assumed…an underlying process of intrapsychic conflict resulting in symptom formation.”


  • But Regier believes, and more psychiatrists are coming to agree, that doctors are not any better at agreeing on how to assess significance than they were at standardizing intrapsychic conflict.


  • A gender perspective on politics, including a discussion of women in politics, demands that one refer to politics not only at its formal-institutional level, but also “as […] any human relationship, at any level from the intrapsychic to the international, provided it can be shaped and altered by human decision and action.”

    Politics in the Yishuv and Israel.

  • When the corporation wants to externalize blame and escape responsibility (one clinically diagnostic intrapsychic feature of narcissism, sociopathy, and psychopathy) for an unethical or unlawful act, it reverts to the self-description of not being a human.

    Masculine Pathology and the Death of Capitalism

  • SALTZ: Having it all has nothing to do with intrapsychic conflict.

    CNN Transcript Mar 11, 2008


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