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  • adj. Not native to a location; brought from another place.
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of introduce.


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  • “Public goods” is a term introduced by Samuelson, to refer to those goods that can be “used by many persons at the same time without reducing the amount available for any other person.”


  • Even the word introduced into a conversation can still cause a wince and averted eyes in some quarters.

    The Movies That Changed Us

  • His use of the term introduced into competition the notion of struggle for existence and the survival of the fittest.

    Introduction to the Science of Sociology

  • Gratification is the term introduced by Billy's defense team.


  • Fourth Bonus: Cost per View Traffic or PPV [the term introduced by Gauher] traffic Techniques.

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  • 8 "Incommensurability" is a term introduced by Kuhn in "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions."

    NYT > Home Page

  • This effort is known as "disease mongering," a term introduced by health-science writer Lynn Payer in her 1992 book Disease-Mongers: How Doctors, Drug Companies, and Insurers Are Making You Feel Sick.

    Dr. Larry Dossey: Creating Disease: Big Pharma and Disease Mongering

  • Collective Representation is a term introduced by Emile Durkheim to refer to a symbol having a common intellectual and emotional meaning to the members of a group.

    What is collective representation in sociology

  • Guidelines, para.4 There is no 'presider' at a Mass in the Extraordinary Form, this is a term introduced with the new order of Mass.

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • But with the ascendancy of psychoanalysis in the postwar years, the predominant view was that autism was a psychological disorder caused by a lack of love from "refrigerator mothers," a term introduced by the controversial psychologist Bruno Bettelheim.

    What Happens When They Grow Up


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