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  • Pertaining to or derived from intuition; based on intuition as a principle: as, the intuitional origin of knowledge; the intuitional school of philosophy.

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  • adjective Pertaining to, or derived from, intuition; characterized by intuition; perceived by intuition; intuitive.

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  • adjective Pertaining to, or derived from, intuition; characterized by intuition; perceived by intuition; intuitive.


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  • Coleridge's distrust of the intellect as sole guide, and his belief in some kind of intuitional act being necessary to the apprehension of reality, which he felt as early as 1794, was strengthened by his study of the German transcendental philosophers, and in March 1801 he writes,

    Mysticism in English Literature

  • Lebesgue measure, which was deliberately constructed as a measure which would measure intervals as their length and points as 0 - it is the most "intuitional" measure of real numbers.

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • "Why," said the Deist, "there is as much difference as in the theories of our 'intuitional' friends here, one of whom admits, and another denies, the future existence of man; for if we be the ephemeral insects the latter supposes, it little matters what system of religion we espouse or abjure.

    The Eclipse of Faith Or, A Visit To A Religious Sceptic

  • It is my intuitional and instinctive sense that H-100-V works best in cartridges that are by their design inherently very "efficient"; e.g., there's a near-perfect ratio between bore size and case capacity (in terms of powder).

    Experience with Hybrid 100V Powder?

  • She just knows it in some witch-like, intuitional way.


  • I have long felt that narrative is perhaps a modus that best expresses the pith of cognitive insight wherein both rational and intuitional intelligence is most efficiently combined.

    A Materialist Red Herring

  • Going further along those lines, I expect that the unwillingness to 'scientifically' explore the intuitional side – which is a feature of modern Western not shared by traditional Eastern philosophical traditions btw – from which we have a modern science that seemingly eschews the verse of intuition for the pure prose of fact-based veracity, is a core fault, or fallacy, indeed ongoing fault line.

    A Materialist Red Herring

  • This explanation also helps explain your pain/pleasure intuitional asymmetry.

    Morel’s Machine

  • "There are important exchanges of views in academia and in different walks of life but not at an intuitional level."

    Betwa Sharma: The Manhattan Peace Process on Israel and Palestine

  • The body becomes sensual, the mind becomes more telepathic and the soul intuitional.

    Stacey Nemour: The Tao of Love, Sex and Anti-Aging -- Part 4


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