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  • adv. In an invulnerable manner.

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  • In an invulnerable manner; so as to be proof against wounds, injury, or assault; of an argument, irrefutably.


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invulnerable +‎ -ly


  • 'None!' answered he, rubbing his eyes; 'I am invulnerably asleep at this very moment!


  • As long as they were invulnerably based, nuclear weapons in this condition would retain their deterrent capacity against the use of nuclear weapons by others.

    Pugwash Conferences - Nobel Lecture

  • It was situated on a bluff above the Pisoraca River, but not invulnerably so; at Pompey's advent the whole district surrendered without a fight.

    Fortune's Favorites

  • But what happens when we behave invulnerably, when we gird ourselves with psychological defenses and pretend that we are cool cats who have got it all together, rugged individualists who seem to be in complete control of our lives?


  • A little coarser nature would not have borne the strain; it would have had to come to terms with itself -- with a sigh, with a grunt, or even with a guffaw; a still coarser one would have remained invulnerably ignorant and completely uninteresting.

    Lord Jim

  • On the other hand, the Southerners, lying secure in intrenched positions upon the precipitous sides and lofty summits of Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge, seemed invulnerably placed.

    Abraham Lincoln

  • I thought, vainly, I fear, thought that the devotion of love -- love strong as even you can feel -- love guarded, invulnerably guarded, by all the purity of virtue, and all the pride of honour; I thought such a love would make you happy -- shall I be mistaken?

    The Letters of Robert Burns

  • It was being thus mysteriously, invulnerably armed, that gave the delicate, learned, pious Lady

    Works of John Bunyan — Volume 03

  • Remember how you felt about the flag back when you thought you were invulnerably protected, hero.

    Knowledge is Power

  • The fact that enemies blink invulnerably after each hit, a trait usually reserved for player characters, can also put off players who aren't used to it.

    Jay is Games


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