inward-looking love


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  • However, with actresses such as Marion Cotillard winning best actress for the French film La Vie en Rose, even the traditionally inward-looking Oscars have gained a more global outlook.

    If it's September it must be Venice: but Europe's film festivals face a new threat

  • The pleasures in this section of the book are few, and the author herself comes close to sounding self-absorbed, inward-looking and resentful rather than being the outward-looking observer that so charms in the rest of the memoir.

    A Longing to Feed Her Neighbors

  • In contrast, Germany's tough immigration laws, a rigid labor code and more inward-looking hiring practices have kept it from importing enough skilled labor to compensate.

    Exodus of Skilled Labor Saps Germany

  • There are television shows and whiny bands that cater to teenage angst, but I take angst to be primarily inward-looking.

    Love and War and Teenagers | Heretical Ideas Magazine

  • In the minds of Evangelicals, they were recreating the Puritan's self-exile from England by looking for a purer and better place, this time not a geographical "place" but a sanctuary within their minds and in inward-looking schools and churches undisturbed by facts.

    Frank Schaeffer: The "Reason" Republicans Despise Unions, Government and Anything Public

  • Other characters include Maggie, a keen but green young journalist; Ellen, the supportive owner of the hotel, who has her own worries; and various suspicious, inward-looking locals who don't take kindly to what they see as outside interference.

    Book review

  • Just as Friends is an inward-looking simulation of six distinct personalities in very limited number of locations (coffee shop, apartment, balcony).

    Suttree » Casual Games, Social Software » Duncan Gough

  • A defensive, inward-looking Taiwan busy arguing about its identity has failed so far to take advantage of its position as an open, trade-based economy with close historical links to the U.S. and Japan and a strategic location.

    Taiwan's Economic Tunnel Vision

  • Japan, despite its post-war success, is still extraordinarily insular nation, even compared to China and Korea; this is partially a result of the inward-looking mentality fostered by a national policy whose external aspect is essentially dictated by the American protectorship.

    Matthew Yglesias » Bush and Asia

  • "But entering 2012, we worry about: decelerating global growth and rising uncertainty; high unemployment, especially youth unemployment, with all its negative economic and social consequences; potential resort to inward-looking protectionist policies."

    IMF warns of threat to global economies posed by austerity drives


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