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  • n. A radar for the examination of the ionosphere.


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  • It is found that Te at F2-region altitudes become almost independent of electron heat flows along B above the Huancayo, Chiclayo, and Talara ionosonde stations because of the near-horizontal B inhibits the heat flow of electrons.

    IPCC and Solar Correlations « Climate Audit

  • The morning Te peaks which are found above the ionosonde stations at hmF2 altitudes are explained by the sunrise physical processes.

    IPCC and Solar Correlations « Climate Audit

  • On February 12 the approximate sunrise at the ionosonde is at 1402z and sunset at 0028z. News

  • Of more general interest, the Millstone station resumed posting ionosonde readings for a couple weeks, though not continuous, but has discontinued the postings. News

  • You will see less effect this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, as seen at a record of ionosonde data in Italy here, you will see similar data taken in the UK. - Articles related to Sarah Palin Gaffs: Media mistakes you don't want to make

  • Issue one is a long-term effort (over one month) to correlate a solar index to data from one ionosonde, and issue two is a short-term effort (daily, hourly) to correlate a solar index to data from many widely separated ionosondes that don't agree very well with each other at the same time of day. "

    ARRL Amateur Radio News

  • "The Australian IPS Radio and Space Services offer several maps that attempt to depict interpolated propagation conditions, based on ionosonde measurements. News


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