from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. of the grey color of iron
  • n. the color of freshly broken cast iron


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  • And as both sisters resumed their talk, an observer would have noted the striking resemblance of their pure, straight profiles, of their broad cheek-bones, of their wide and lofty foreheads, of their iron-grey abundance of hair, of their sweet-lipped mouths set with the carriage of decades of assured and accomplished pride, and of their lovely slender eye-rows arched over equally lovely long brown eyes.


  • Garfield did not look, but had he looked he would have seen a very excited gentleman with rumpled, iron-grey hair, a flushed face, mouth sullen and vindictive, and eyes wildly gleaming.


  • She wore a starched white kertch that hid most of her hair, but a few wisps of iron-grey peeped out beside cheeks like withered apples.

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  • Nothing could be farther from the popular conception of the gypsy fortune-teller than Mrs. Graham, with her short, iron-grey perm and triple-stranded pearl choker.

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  • She pivoted and walked, back straight, iron-grey waves glinting in the sun, along the path of light.

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  • Two vertical creases between her iron-grey brows, always visible, deepened when she was concentrating.

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  • The other woman was middle-aged, in a smart silk trouser suit, her iron-grey hair carefully \expndtw2 styled.

    Poem About Never Growing Up

  • Captain Burnaby raised his head and stared at him arrogantly, the grim, iron-grey brows knitted together in a frown, the jaw firmly set.

    In Spite of Their Declaration of Bombs

  • He sat at the head of the long green table, his massive, iron-grey eyebrows knitted in a frown as he battled stubbornly with unfamiliar problems.

    In Spite of Their Declaration of Bombs

  • The captain nodded shortly, a grim, square-jawed figure; the iron-grey hair and bushy eyebrows were more formidable than ever.

    In Spite of Their Declaration of Bombs


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