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  • Exceedingly strong in the hand; hence, rigorously determined or severe; unmerciful.


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  • But will people in these countries quietly acquiesce to iron-handed rulers provided they have food on the table, good teachers in good schools and medicines in hospitals?

    Development without freedom? | Richard M Kavuma

  • He built the Zulu kingdom through his military genius - as well as his iron-handed rule.

    May 2009

  • Despite the country's long history of submission to iron-handed regimes, most Soviet politicians admit there's no going back to the totalitarian rule of Stalin's day -- or even Brezhnev's.

    An Authoritarian Solution?

  • Indeed, their own power was assumed after their own violent upheavals and maintained by their iron-handed dictatorships which crush any dissent that could be the impetus for democratic change.

    Bush's Perversion of Democracy in the Middle East

  • It reflected "the emergence of an iron-handed leader who, by exploiting Russians 'desire for law and order, has struck a sympathetic chord among millions sick of the corruption" of the Yeltsin years.

    Katrina vanden Heuvel: Needed: A New Direction for US-Russian Relations

  • At the State Department and at the White House, MarroquĂ­n was understood to be an iron-handed despot.

    The Path Between the Seas

  • This people admire an iron-handed and lion-hearted despotism; they hate a timid and a grinding tyranny. 37 Of all foreigners, they would prefer the

    Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah and Meccah

  • She wasnt nearly the iron-handed ogre shed been made out to be.


  • Andre Norton FLIGHT IN YIKTOR had never been off-world and did not understand the spread - ing and iron-handed power of the Guild.

    Flight in Yiktor

  • At the same time, they obstruct, harass and try to intimidate the revolutionary people of Nicaragua; they help and abet the most corrupt and criminal dictatorships of our continent; and they undermine the work of all governments that speak with their own voice of attempt to improve the lot of their people, laying bare their aim of establishing an ever increasing iron-handed domination over the whole hemisphere.



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