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  • Each hoplite was a proud citizen who could afford to equip himself with a bronze helmet, a thick breastplate, greaves to protect the legs, and an iron-tipped spear eight to ten feet long used for thrusting, not throwing.

    Alexander the Great

  • The Derbices, from the same lands as the Barcani, fought with bronze and iron-tipped spears, though some preferred to use wooden pikes hardened by fire.

    Alexander the Great

  • They then drove reindeer toward hunters who needed to get within 60ft of an animal to have a chance of hitting one with an iron-tipped arrow.

    How global warming is aiding – and frustrating – archaeologists

  • He jumps down from his horse with the same grace that Edmund had, but now there is only the noise of one pair of boots ringing iron-tipped heels on the stone.

    The Red Queen

  • To stand pat was to be soon peppered with iron-tipped arrows.


  • Comanches, meanwhile, carried a far more effective and battle-tested assortment of weapons: a disk-shaped buffalo-hide shield, a fourteen-foot plains lance, a sinew-backed bow, and a quiver of iron-tipped arrows.


  • They will be drawn to him and, from the lighthouse here, the wærewolf sniper—safely away from the magic—uses iron-tipped bullets to kill the earth fairy.

    Fatal Circle

  • He shouted for him to come and help, and both of them put their shoulders to the trapdoor and they managed to lift it a handspan, only to have an iron-tipped stave jabbed in their faces.


  • The diamonds and rubies seem wet, and make veiled beings in the shadow below weep, their sides bruised with the hair shirt and their iron-tipped scourges, their breasts crushed with wicker hurdles, their knees excoriated with prayer; women who think themselves wives, spectres who think themselves seraphim.

    Les Miserables

  • He might order Greyson whipped with an iron-tipped whip, but he wasnt barbaric about it.

    Personal Demons


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