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  • adj. Of a binary relation R on X: such that no element of X is R-related to itself.

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  • Not reflexive.


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  • Given that "exemplifies" picks out a two-term irreflexive and asymmetrical relation, God cannot be identical with existence.

    Divine Simplicity

  • Due to the domain and the range of G being disjunctive sets, the relation G has the following formal features: it is irreflexive, asymmetric, and transitive; moreover, G is many-one, but not one-many.

    Slices of Matisse

  • The relation of having opposite spin that is had by electrons in the singlet state is clearly such an irreflexive relation and Saunders argues that, since by Leibniz's law, the holding of an irreflexive relation aRb entails the existence of distinct relata a and

    Structural Realism

  • The argument is that without distinct individuals that are metaphysically prior to the relations, there is nothing to stand in the irreflexive relations that are supposed to confer individuality on the relata.

    Structural Realism

  • They also accept Aristotle's analysis of movement as necessarily an irreflexive relation; they believe, however, that

    Byzantine Philosophy

  • Physics 7.1 and 8.5 and cited by Metochites in the preceding paragraph, namely that movement is necessarily an irreflexive relation.

    Byzantine Philosophy

  • More precisely, the referential structure in self-referential paradoxes such as the liar is a reflexive relation on a singleton set, whereas the referential structure in Yablo's paradox is isomorphic to the usual less-than ordering on the natural numbers, which is an irreflexive relation.


  • It is straightforward to check that this formula is valid in a frame if and only if the frame is irreflexive.

    Hybrid Logic

  • Ontological priority: there is an irreflexive, asymmetric, and transitive relation of ontological priority between entities.


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