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  • n. Plural form of irregular.


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  •   Healthy male ex-slaves were armed and assigned to training companies, which we called the irregulars, because we didn’t have uniforms for them.

    Lord Conrads Crusade

  • Very improbably, "irregulars" -- wildcat supporters with their own phone bank, calling lists and scripts.

    Hillary Campaign Supplies Person Who Claims To Have Received "Dirty Tricks" Call From Obama

  • QUESTION: Sir, are you worried that you're being dragged into a war of attrition by the so-called irregulars?

    CNN Transcript Mar 29, 2003

  • They did not expect to have this amount of resistance, A, from the so-called irregulars, the Saddam Fedayeen that we've been talking about, those special militias that were created by the regime to control internal, to enforce internal repression and to control internal dissent.

    CNN Transcript Mar 25, 2003

  • The leader of the irregulars was a big, hard-faced, burly man.

    Rulers of the Darkness

  • Some of them stayed because they were afraid they would be arrested when they went outside, or shot at, because they are part of the Palestinian police or had been part of what we could call irregulars, fighting militia brigades.

    CNN Transcript May 10, 2002

  • French soldiers, both regulars and irregulars, that is Francs-tireurs, located in the district, he deemed it best to retire on Toury and

    My Days of Adventure The Fall of France, 1870-71

  • The dissidents (in 1922 they were called irregulars) are on the other.

    Signs of the Times

  • It's not the full frontal assault that's no longer possible as it was before, but the sneak flanking attack by subversive 'irregulars', some, yes Paid, some volunteers '!?

    Heads up staffers, tips to avoid a Health Care "Town Hell" (Blog for Democracy)

  • Whatever happened to the idea that we would express our grave concerns about the occupancy of a portion of those territories by Al Qaeda and Taliban 'irregulars' and our continued support to the Pakistani efforts to hunt down and capture them, or push them back into Afghanistan were we are legitimately engaged in actions against them?

    Election Central Morning Roundup


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