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  • n. a Muslim tradition, rather like the Christian one of Apostolic succession, that there exists a chain of human reporters from the time of Muhammad that authenticates the legitimacy of the hadith (sayings and acts of the prophet)


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Arabic "support, backing".


  • He calls the committee ISNAD, an acronym that reflects some descriptive words, means "support," and has a useful religious significance: in Muslim belief an isnad is the chain of transmission or authority necessary to legitimize any of the Hadith.

    Ziad for the Defense

  • The only obvious differences are the earlier date when traditions purporting to stem from Jesus are written down, and the "science of Hadith" that examines the isnad i.e. the chain of transmission critically - but presumably you are aware that there are historians who are skeptical of the value of the isnads.

    Islam in Sunday School

  • The "strength" or "weakness" of any hadith refers to the isnad or chain of transmitters of the hadith.

    Strong vs. Weak Hadith

  • Each hadith has an isnad that tells us who related the hadith from person to person.

    Strong vs. Weak Hadith

  • They will try to find scientific explanations for every miracle or outright deny the miracles, regardless of the isnad.

    Jesus (pbuh) Walked On...Ice?

  • If you read the Times every day, faithfully, from 9/11/2001 on to today, you still would not know what the word "Hadith" means or what an "isnad-chain" is.

    Jihad Watch

  • Not everyone quite wants to go through learning about Jizyah, or dhimmis, or naskh, or isnad-chains, or any of the rest.

    Jihad Monitor

  • He has studied Usul ad Din (fundamentals of religion) and isnad (chain of narration of Hadith) and is recognized as an influential Saudi theologian.

    Recently Uploaded Slideshows

  • Yet some scenic images may be instructive for those who take the philosophy of isnad seriously.

    Army Rumour Service

  • True, they put a lot of emphasis upon the "chain" or isnad of the traditions, but their contradictory nature mitigates against them, despite claims of "so-and-so told so-and-so who told so-and-so."



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