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  • adjective Capable of being isolated


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isolate +‎ -able


  • I think anyone who thinks the 'problem with the economy' is some isolatable problem has a lot to learn.

    DOS, Left Brain Minds Playing with Fire Metaphors in Windows Times

  • Such complex feedbacks make resolution into isolatable causal trains difficult or impossible and also mean that small-scale behavior cannot simply be “added up” to arrive at large-scale results.

    An Introduction to Ecological Economics~ Chapter 2

  • Of course, this has not prevented scientists from assuming that living systems can be reduced to causal trains and isolatable parts, but this also explains why disciplinary environmental science and economics has produced inappropriate policies and management schemes.

    An Introduction to Ecological Economics~ Chapter 2

  • "This method of network supply effectively ensures that consumers can be supplied from two different and isolatable sources, thereby increasing security of supply and ensuring effective contingency planning," CBi Electric said.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • But then Wittgenstein's examples also work in concert: they together argue against a form of aesthetic reductionism that would pretend that our reactions to aesthetic objects are isolable, that they can be isolated as variables within a controlled experiment, that they can be hermetically sealed as the experienced effects of isolatable causes.

    Wittgenstein's Aesthetics

  • Classical science is based on the resolution, or reduction, of phenomena into isolatable causal trains and the search for basic, “atomic” units or parts of the system.

    An Introduction to Ecological Economics~ Chapter 2

  • In fact, artworks perform their moral instruction through their aesthetic totality (and not by any single, isolatable strand such as the novelistic fate of any single character, male or female).

    Feminism and Literature: An Exchange

  • Intelligence is fundamentally misapprehended when seen as an isolatable entity rather than a complex ideal.

    NYT > Home Page

  • This raises three specific issues for debate: Given the evidence that there is most likely not a single isolatable gene for any complex psychological/behavioral phenomena, and none of these phenomena are 100% heritable, what (and whose) needs do such perspectives serve? this article in the LA Times on Sunday, about possibly reducing the likelihood of homosexuality, beginning the womb.

    Ask MetaFilter

  • It's easier to fix bad code inside encapsulated, and thus easily isolatable components than it is sphaghetti code.

    Flex and Flash Developer - Jesse Warden dot Kizz-ohm


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