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  • n. Plural form of isometry.


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  • For comsologies there is no such system of Killing vectors or isometries.

    The Black Hole War

  • The timelike Killing vector K_t defines K_t*K_t = g_ {tt} = (1 - 2M/r) and maintains a system of isometries which conserve energy in the Schwarschild metric.

    The Black Hole War

  • The comotion of frames in the universe is analogous to this frame dragging, though there are some departures due to the difference in the isometries of the spacetime (Killing fields etc) in the two examples.

    Does Space Expand?

  • Pursuant to the Erlangen Program, each of these geometries of constant curvature is characterized by its own group of isometries.

    Nineteenth Century Geometry

  • Employing the intrinsic approach, avoiding the complexification technique, and generalizing the theory of complex function algebras, this single-source volume includes: an introduction to real Banach algebras; various generalizations of the Stone-Weierstrass theorem; Gleason parts; Choquet and Shilov boundaries; isometries of real function algebras; extensive references; and a detailed bibliography.

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  • Inspired by the above exercise, we say that two inner product spaces are isomorphic if there exists an invertible isometry from one space to the other; such invertible isometries are known as isomorphisms.

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  • The [[isometry | isometries]] of Minkowski space are the

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