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  • A suffix, really -son, with an element (-i-) belonging to the stem in some nouns coming from Latin through the Old French. It is equivalent to -ation, -etion, -ition, in nouns originally abstract. Examples are comparison, fermison, garrison, jettison, orison, venison, warnison. In benison and malison doublets of benediction and malediction, the -i- belongs to the reduced radical. In caparison the termination is conformative. See -son, -tion.
  • n. In the music of the Greek Church, the sign for the key-note.


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  • They're a venomous set of riptyles and their p'ison's none the milder, for the loss of Hist.

    The Deerslayer

  • The Navy Department told me that promotion information is not considered an update to the DD-214 ... it is what ison my discharge that matters and my discharge, again in the hands ofthe TWS administration AND the

    frank joseph visconi

  • For those that want to follow and contribute, but aren't in those areas, Crisis Camp ison Twitter as well.

    Jake Brewer: Civic Hackers for Haiti

  • GEORGE HARRISON: I was hauling seven instruments: my skintar; my Hair-ison; my double-reeded plonker-phone; my toe-monica; my hi-head-hat; my nose flute; and my jaw harp.


  • I knew that the post would clearly require a real-live "Mad Man" (ie -- man who worked in a 1960s Mad-ison Avenue advertising agency) for the featured spot.

    Susanna Speier: Mad Men Politiku

  • Governor Ed Rendell -- alone among state executives -- ison record, repeatedlysaying that he will signour public single payer billonce it hits his desk.

    Victory for PA Patients and Providers; Defeat for Profit-First Health Insurers

  • However, since that has been violated, then the attack ison.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » “White House Objects to Poster That Invokes Obama Children”:

  • It was none other than Rumsfeld who quickly blurted out at a Security Council meeting on 9-11 "this is a golden opportunity" and Rumsfeld's signature ison those PNAC documents, strongly indicatinghe believed and still believes that "fear and terror", a tactic lifted right out of the Nazis SS playbook, even against one's own nation, is the way to absolute power and also the way to keep it if threatened with the loss of power.

    Rumsfeld's Mind: If 9/11 Worked, Why Not Try it Again

  • Condoleezza Rice say that there's no excuse for Kenya violence and the US is prepared to penalize Kenya for its leaders' obstinacy, whether the penalty ison purpose or not.

    February 2008

  • # Tom wondering what a chang ison 08 Jan 2008 at 9:57 pm

    For Your LOLCatting Pleasure « Whatever


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